What Can You Do?

Start today!. Explore this website and its links and if this philosophy resonates with you, then get involved!

All change begins with a single thought.  And then, progress occurs by putting legs under that thought and taking your first steps.  Take yours today!  Here are a few ideas:

  • Consider introducing the concept of PEACE into your FOOD choices by moving to a more humane plant-based diet. It is the single most important thing you can do for yourself, the planet and…the animals.
  • Did you know that you can “wear” PEACE? Making conscientious and compassionate CLOTHING choices can significantly expand your “PEACE PROFILE.” Leave the leather and fur behind and choose alternative attire that was obtained PEACEFULLY.

  • Your PRODUCT and COSMETIC choices matter too! Choose cruelty-free, humane products that were not tested on animals nor laden with animal by-products.
  • Make conscientious ENTERTAINMENT choices by supporting venues that do not exploit animals. Learn more about the circus, dog and horseracing and animal fighting industries.
  • Invest your dollars conscientiously by considering GREEN choices that hold a vibration of PEACE for our planet. Choose to support companies that do not test on animals or do harm to our planet. Consider making donations to animal shelters, rescues and other organizations that promote and apply different aspects of the concept of PEACE for animals.

Our RESOURCE tab will list a number of links to help you either begin, or expand, your efforts. It is currently a work in progress, so check back frequently as we anticipate it will become one of the most comprehensive, informational PEACE PORTAL’s around!

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