PEACEANIMAL is dedicated to expanding the definition of PEACE to include all species and to supporting those who seek to do the same. This work creates a call to action that extends the scope of our awareness and inspires our participation, with an objective of creating the social change that manifests as a sustained PEACE …in all places…for ALL beings.

Our philosophy is simple.

Our Vision is a world of sustained PEACE for all beings.

Our Mission is to expand the concept of PEACE to include all species.

PEACEANIMALIntroducing the concept of PEACE, as it applies to the lives of animals, is a message neither secular nor non-secular in nature. It is a message that beautifully transcends all perceived differences among us. A message welcomed by every audience with customized tools to forge a difference for animals in whatever environment is present. We have successfully delivered this message in faith, academic, shelter and social environments and communities. PEACE does not discriminate --- when invited in, it gratefully makes its home anywhere it is welcomed.

In other words, PEACEANIMAL is always at work, sniffing out opportunities to inspire PEACE where there is none… so that one day, PEACE is found in the hearts of every one of Earth's animals and in every corner of the planet they inhabit.

You see, PEACE…is not just for people.