There is a prevailing consciousness on our planet that places humans at the very top of the species hierarchy. And that placement is frequently justified based on a comparison of sentiency between man and the rest of the world’s beings. PEACEANIMAL would like to suggest that each human, and other, animal species has an intrinsic right to exist in PEACE simply by nature of who they are.

We are always at choice. And when those choices are not optimal, it is typically because we have made them without accessing our conscience --- or our consciousness. Some of those choices have come to define our relationships with the members of our fellow species. Our food, clothing, entertainment and product choices have an enormous impact on the amount of PEACE that might be found in the lives of the animals impacted by those choices. As a result, rather than embracing kindness and compassion for our fellow animals as core spiritual values, we may choose, sometimes unconsciously, to engage in activities and behaviors that result in cruelty, neglect and exploitation of the beloved beings with whom we share the planet….a planet they inhabit right alongside us. A planet upon which they frequently depend upon us for the most basic needs.

Movements dedicated to what is traditionally referred to as, “animal rights,” typically advocate for those rights from a basis of belief that animals should be respected simply for who they are and for how they enrich the world simply by --- being. Not for what they offer to us.  It is fundamentally about fully stepping into moral and ethical decision making. How do we do it? Well, we can start by taking an honest inventory of the impact our choices have on the lives of animals. In many cases, we’re not even aware of the extent to which many of those choices have created a negative effect.  This is PEACEANIMAL. We are here to help provide clarity about the impact of our choices and illuminate optimal ones that will introduce the concept of PEACE into the lives of animals --- all animals.  That’s the added benefit!  When we take steps that create PEACE for animals, we bring an abundance of PEACE into own lives.

That brings us back to choice. How do we wish to be defined? What do our actions and activities say about us? Are we willing to make some subtle changes to find greater PEACE for ourselves?
And what about the animals? Indeed, we understand the emotions of empathy and compassion, but do we understand how to extend them beyond ourselves? Stretch them to address the experiences of all beings? And our own role within those experiences? And yes, active or passive --- we do have an irrefutable role.

PEACEANIMAL extends an invitation to anyone reading these words to expand your consciousness and embrace this emerging concept. To incorporate the virtues of kindness and compassion and empathy and PEACE in your life and then extend it to include all beings.  By this simple act, you become the PEACE you seek. And we will show you how.

PEACEANIMAL…is just that. By melding the words PEACE and ANIMAL they become inseparably one --- a marriage that insures that one word simply cannot exist without the other. PEACEANIMAL is the “meeting place” for those who share this philosophy, or who wish to learn more about it.  It is a place to come together to generate the social change that will create a world reborn for all species. By expanding our own awareness, we inspire others to do the same and, within that momentum, we create a world of PEACE for all beings…and for the planet upon which they live.

                                       - Rev. Steve Keplinger

But who are these PEACE gardeners? How will we know them when we see them? Who is PEACEANIMAL?