Sacred Soul Portraits

Welcome to Sacred Soul Portraits.

Thank you so much for visiting our Sacred Soul Portrait page!   Each Sacred Soul Portrait reveals what we believe is the spiritual nature inherent in each and every one of us.  My name is Kris Lecakes Haley and I, along with my husband and fellow cultural creative, Craig, believe that every living being has a sacred essence --- a unique and defining “spark” that is present in all of nature.   By intuitively connecting with that essence, and following its guidance, I am honored and blessed with being a part of bringing forth each subject’s exceptional, spiritual “personality” and inviting it to shine though in every Sacred Soul Portrait.  But make no mistake --- this is a partnership, as --- in a way that I cannot completely understand or articulate, the guidance comes directly from the animal whose portrait is created.

Animals are frequently an afterthought in our world.  Our greatest hope is that if we can connect our own hearts, with the divine nature that exists in all animals, perhaps we can, once and for all, abandon our exclusively human predispositions to exploit them --- or abuse them --- or neglect them.  It is our belief that every Sacred Soul Portrait creates an energetic link in the chain that delivers us one step closer to that outcome.

Each Sacred Soul Portrait begins with a snapshot that is important to you.  Perhaps reflective of a special day you may have shared --- or a precious memory frozen in the timelessness of a photo.  We, then, connect  and consult with the energy of the subject and are guided to work with the photo so that his or her luminous spiritual nature is revealed --- the result?  A truly sacred, portrait of the soul --- a Sacred Soul Portrait!

Each finished portrait is unique and always deeply infused with our gratitude for being involved in this sacred work which we view as part of our greater ministry for animals.  The completion of each portrait allows us to continue our efforts to support other aspects of spiritual and cultural advocacy such as working with organizations to offer compassionate choices to their workforce, membership or congregations --- offering workshops about the spirituality of animals  --- supporting those who are choosing very dynamic and progressive efforts in animal ministry such as vegan outreach, grief support for those who have lost animal companions or who grieve those who are exploited  and other key causes in alignment with our mission of:   Expanding the Concept of PEACE to Include All Species.

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